A variety of adventure

Virtually private beaches at Lao Liang Island will isolate you from the hectic life. With new concept of travelling, the South Lao Liang Island welcomes you all to "Sea Camping," the genuine way to let you be in touch with true beautiful nature while not leaving any comfort. A house tent, large enough for 10 people, is equipped with furniture and electricity and will allow 2 persons to stay very comfortably right on the beach. Two rooms in the tent will give you more than enough space to relax and enjoy your stay.

Besides the beautiful nature, many exciting activities are waiting for you, either trivial adventure under the clear blue water, exciting rock climbing tens of meters above the sea, or fun exercise on kayaking around the island. Even the beach in front of the Sea-Camp is crowded with corals, sea fans, and schools of fish. Of course, you can also choose to do nothing and read your favorite books on the white-sand beach under the sunshine blue sky.

At night, peaceful environment, ocean wind, and wave music will help you relax from the exhausting activities all day long, giving you the true relaxation.

Or, if you prefer, a light guitar music with your best friends is something to memorize. Either with old friends or new adventure-addicted friends you just met on the islands, the relaxing time at night might be what you won't let go.

Lao Liang Island, a truely undiscovered destination you must experience.


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