Welcome to Lao Liang Island

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After Tsunami at Lao Liang Island
Lao Liang Island is ready to welcome you from Jan 1, 05. Our PADI
instructor and divemaster have surveyed the area and underwater world
Up to this minute, all coral reef and seafan still survive with very minimal
effects. We are waiting for your support to help us all get up and
survive too. Nothing can compensate to the lost but we are ready
to face the truth and looking forward to welcoming you on the island.

Lao Liang Island sign is still standing..

The beach is a little bit dirty but definitely will be cleaned up..

This sea fan didn't give up to survive.

And also this one.

"I'm still here"

"Me too.."

Nemo's village still survive.

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After Tsunami 1 |  After Tsunami 2

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