X-site Diving

No matter what your need is, either snorkeling or scuba diving, fascinating Petra Archipelago has dive spots unique in their own that you cannot find anywhere else. Come and explore new dive sites never published in any diving guidebook and no divers had a chance to discover them years in the past. The nature here has been hidden from the crowd of thousands of visitors and has been restored its beauty over this period. Clear blue underwater world here is waiting to welcome you and your friends.

Skin Diving (Snorkeling)

Uniqueness of dive sites here are the seven-colored soft corals, the famous of Trang sea. Usually, this coral beauty is preserved for only scuba divers as you can find them deep in the sea; however, here at Lao Liang island, these corals are all around at just 2-3 meters depth. Not only soft corals are common here, but just few meters off the beach you will also find beautiful sea fans, hard corals, table corals, lace corals, mushroom corals, anemone clownfish, nudibranchs, batfish, groupers, etc. Especially, at particular time when the water level is at minimum, you can walk into the sea and see corals besides your feet. All these wonderful natures are waiting to impress you.

For all skin divers, X-site also has a "Scuba Discover" course to let you experience the underwater world in just a few hours. Unlike expensive scuba course, Discover Scuba will train you to learn basic knowledge and how to use equipment. After this course, the instructor will accompany you in a 2-3 meter underwater dive, letting you experience the new weightless world with inch-away beautiful corals. After then you will decide whether Scuba is what you are looking for.

Deep diving-Scuba

Ranging from ten to more than twenty meters underwater are several diving spots in Petra Archipelago, Andaman Sea. Westside of Petra Island, Tu Lui Nong Island and Tu Lui Pee Island are the all-kind-underwater-creature sanctuary. Soft corals, hard corals, mushroom corals, lace corals, sea fans, moray eels, blue-spot rays, frogfish, anemone clownfish, groupers, parrotfish, filefish, angelfish, bannerfish, lionfish, lobster, trevally, barracuda, sea horses, cardinalfish, nudibranchs, giant clam, batfish, and coral crab are just samples of underwater creatures here.

Also, get excited with cave diving through a small Lak Island and wall diving in the midst of crowded fish at Tu Lui Noi Island where you will be circulated with thousands of fish.

Moreover, you can pack your gears into a kayak and sail to a diving spot nearby by yourself or charter our 33' powerboat equipped with two 200HP Yamaha engines and 1 on-board toilet and cruise to Red Rock and Purple Rock, one of the most beautiful dive site in Thailand, full of red and purple soft corals and tons of fish, just a little more than an hour from Lao Liang Island.

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