3 Day-2 Night Package - Lao Liang Island, Trang Province

Lao Liang Island, a undiscovered destination you must explore. To facilitate your travel, we recommend you to buy the following packages which will be easy for you to experience the islands. Once you are in Trang Province, we will take care of you all the program.

Three programs-snorkeling, scuba, and rock climbing-to choose from:

Day 1 Transfer services from Trang airport, Coach & Train station to Had Yao Port (the newest port of Trang)
11.30 Leave the port with speed-boat (30 minutes) or Tour Boat (90 minutes) heading to Lao Liang Nong
12.00 Arrive at Lao Liang Nong, visit white-sand beach and corals at waterfront
12.00 Lunch on the island
13.00 Take your time to relax or choose one of available activities*
18.00 BBQ Seafood enjoy your dinner
19.30 Take your time


Day 2Activity day
7.00 American breakfast plus local choice of Thai food
9.00 Participate in activity you chose, snorkeling, scuba, or rock climbing
18.00 BBQ Seafood enjoy your dinner
19.30 Take your time


Day 3Farewell
7.00 American breakfast plus local choice of Thai food
8.00 Take your time to relax or choose one of available activities*
12.00 Lunch on the island
13.00 Leave the island for Had Yao port
14.30 Arrive at Had Yao and transfer back to your choices, airport or Coach & Train station

*Free activities : Hiking, skin diving at Lao Liang Nong Beach (Free equipment rental), beginning rock climbing

*Charge activities : minimal fees will be charged for equipment, instructor, and staff member service for fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, scuba discover course, rock climbing, and rock climbing discover course.


Package prices

Prices include 2-night accommodation in "Sea Camping" style, 2 breakfasts, 2 BBQ seafood, 3 lunches, transfer from/to airport and coach & train station, activity and equipment in the 2nd day (except scuba equipment), 200,000-baht travel insurance

All packages are 3 days/ 2 nights

Package Price**

Program A Snorkeling and Sightseeing

THB 8,000 /person

Program B 2-dive scuba diving

THB 9,000 /person

Program C 1-day Rock climbing

THB 9,000 /person

Promotion! Only for reservation made by 31 January 2006*

Oct 13 2006 thru Feb 2007**
Skin Diving THB 6,800 /person
Scuba or Rock Climbing THB 7,600 /person

*Exclude national holidays
**Prices exclude 7% VAT

*Beachfront charge THB 600 /tent /trip (only the frontmost row)
*Single stay additional charge THB 1,000 /night
*Additional stay 1,700 /night ,including 3 meals
*Additional 2-dive scuba THB 2,000 /person, scuba rental THB 250/dive or THB 400/day

Tent Price

If you are not sure how long you will stay, you can choose to pay by night as follows (including all meals)

Price for only accomodation and meals
1-3 nights THB 2,500 / night / person
4-7 nights THB 2,000 / night / person
8 nights up THB 1,500 / night / person
Boat transfer
Hadyao pier-Island
THB 1,500 / roundtrip
Minibus transfer
Hadyao pier-Trang city
THB 600 / roundtrip
Day trip
Ko-Takiang, South Lao Liang
THB 1,000 /person
2 dives scuba
(air tanks, boat, dive lead)
THB 2,000 / person

Open Water Diver Course
at Laoliang, 5 days / 4 nights
including accomodations, meals,
transfers, PADI card, equipment rental

THB 26,000 / person

Discover Rock Climbing
Discover [2 hrs.]
Half Day [4 hrs.]
Full Day [8 hrs.]

THB 700 / person
THB 1,200 / person
THB 2,000 / person

We reserve the right to change the schedule and price without prior notices for your own benefit.

Open from Oct 15 thru May 31 due to the monsoon, the island on which we will stay is Lao Liang Nong Island. Two persons are welcome in a tent of 10-people size, a new concept we call "Sea Camping." Inside the tent are two rooms-one bedroom and one living room. You have two choices; one king-sized bed and two single beds. Every tent comes with 5 windows and thru these windows is the gorgeous scenic of the white-sand beach and clear blue water. Just step out of the tent and walk thru the sand and you will find yourself swim along the 7-colored soft coral, hard coral, and schools of fish. Moreover, a fan is provided to every tent with 24hr electricity and fourteen shared bathrooms are open all day all night.

For more information in English, please call Mr. Panich at 01-830-3232.